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ZECEN BIOTECH attended Wuxi “530 Enterprises Medical Instruments Recommendation Meeting”

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On the afternoon ofAug. 2, 2014, ZECEN BIOTECH attended“530 Enterprises Medical Instruments Recommendation Meeting”jointly held by Human resources & Social Security Bureau, Municipal HealthBureau, Food and Drug Administration, Medical Management Center and otherdepartments at 530 mansion. A total of more than 30 people, includingentrepreneurs and senior executives from five 530 pharmaceutical companies, aswell as responsible persons from eleven key public hospitals, attended thisrecommendation meeting. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor, also attended the event anddelivered a speech.


At this meeting, themarketing director from ZECEN BIOTECH specifically introduced the product performances offull-automatic chemiluminescence analyzer CIA1200, and made in-depth analysisof the development situation of IVD industry both at home and abroad.Furthermore, he also compared the products from ZECEN BIOTECH with similarproducts at home and abroad, and highlighted our product advantages which is better quality than domestic products and morecompetitive price than imported products. Zhou Wendong, Director of Municipal Human resources& Social Security Bureau, Hu Jianwei, Deputy Director of Public HealthBureau, Ding Yuping, Deputy Director of Food and Drug Administration, Han Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of MedicalManagement Center and persons in charge of other related departments also mademany valuable comments and suggestions for product promotion and industrialdevelopment of 530 enterprises. After this meeting, our company conductedin-depth communication with the representatives of local hospitals.

Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor, fully affirmed the achievements of 530enterprises in recent years, and encouraged entrepreneurs to keep on vigorousinnovations, shift the key emphasis to market expansion, and accelerate theindustrial development of enterprises. Meanwhile, he also required relevantgovernment departments to help build the supply & demand platform for 530enterprises, study and formulate the supportive polices demanding municipalhospitals to make preferential procurement of products from local enterprises,especially 530 enterprises, to boost the expansion of 530 enterprises.

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